Yard Sale


Sale Dates July 20-22

Set up dates 9-19

Do you like the extra lighting in the sanctuary, the security locks for the school, the address on the building, the little freezer in the kitchen, the new copy machine that makes it possible for you to read this, the new jerseys our girls basketball teams are sporting, a supply of shells given to our newly baptized members, a supply of crosses given to our confirmands, the new green paraments, the new communion flagon? These are just some of the things that come to mind that the funds from our yard sale has made possible – and those are just from the last few years!!!! We also contribute every year to the scholarship fund and helped make the trip our senior youth took last year possible. So, if you appreciate any of these things please consider donating some time to ensure we can continue having a yard sale. We especially need some men, at least 2 each day, including the sale days, who can move the things we women can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every year we put a notice in the bulletin and newsletter asking for help and every year it’s the same small group of people who make it happen. We get a few new folks each year but they usually replace someone else who can’t help any more – so the numbers stay the same! That puts an unfair burden on those of us who are committed – we put in 10, 12, 14 hour days and at times we are racing the alarm system at 10:00 at night to get out before it goes off. We just aren’t able to do it anymore so if we don’t get the help we need this year (especially from the men) there can’t be a sale next year.

It doesn’t’ take any special talent so don’t worry!!!! You don’t have to know how to price things – we buddy you up with someone who is experienced in that area and if you want they will tell you what to price things, we have set areas for specific items so it’s easy to help set up, you don’t have to take any money on the sale days we have an excellent group who does that. You will never know what love, laughter and fellowship you are missing out on with your church family unless you come join us!

What we need are; people who can lift and move heavy items (men!), people who can unpack a box and put those things out in designated areas, people who can fold linens and clothing and put them out, people who can wash or wipe off dirty items, people who have difficulty standing and walking to sit at our jewelry and specialty items tables, people who like people – on the sale days we greet and help hundreds of local folks (you may even run into an old friend you haven’t seen in years!), people who can help pack up and move the left over items when the sale is over. But mostly we need people who want to serve the Lord in a fun, happy, loving atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are in a group trying to raise funds or have a pet project, this is the place to be – it’s awesome when we get a chance to find out why our funds are going where they go.

The yard sale is an excellent opportunity for us to make money for so many church projects that aren’t included in the budget – money that doesn’t all come from our own pockets. About 3/4 of the income generated from the sale itself is from non-member customers and we also get the chance to invite those people to worship with us!

There are bright pink sign-up sheets out, please prayerfully consider giving some time to help!